A little update

School is back. So expect EVEN SLOWER posts from me. Not like I post very regularly anyway, but I know I have at least one fan. Hi Mom. I am working on a little something about Frankenstein's monster that I might post here. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

Not Dead Yet!

Making a post here to let everyone know that this blog is not dead yet, just asleep. With school starting, I have less time to write, and less brain-power to devote to writing. Hopefully, I will still be able to get some work done on my latest story. I have a ton of interesting ideas …

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My new blog. How exciting.

I have been commanded by my corporate overlords to create this blog. I think I will use it to post subversive materials. First up, a well-researched article about the effects of their brainwashing store music. Then perhaps some good short stories. How fun. "Insert your favorite witty and/or inspirational quote here." — Howard Phillips Lovecraft, …

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